Defiking, initiated by the community, is a DeFi technological contract protocol container that supports cross-chain technology. It consists of multiple protocols that can provide different DeFi capabilities, including five core protocol modules: dTrade, dOracle, dComposite, dPrivacy, and dMatrix, covering cross-chain, oracle, decentralized synthetic asset issuance, privacy protection, saving and lending for decentralized collateralizing stable currency, etc.



Stable coin

Privacy protection

Decentralized synthetic asset issuance

With underlying technical support from Conscious Value Network and the very own Defi application protocol matrix, Defiking will establish a mass traffic portal for the industry, and empower developers to build DeFi applications more conveniently.

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Underlying Technology


Consious Value Network

On the VRF consensus main chain, by superimposing the consensus principle of PoST, the ledger consensus and storage proof consensus were layered to achieve a fast and stable blockchain bottom layer.
It effectively solves the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and excessive reliance on handling fees for existing blockchain applications.

State Trie Tree



50k up



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Cross-border payments

Digital stable coin

Defi liquidity management

Crypto asset management


Defiking BaaS

Modularizing Development & Open Platform Protocols

The goal of Defiking is to provide a high-speed and low-cost next generation decentralized open financial infrastructure for DeFi market participants, including users, developers, financial market institutions, and the dual parties of financial market transactions.

Developers can focus on how DeFi can be applied to their own business and choose the most suitable modular function from the Defiking protocol platform.

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