Defiking is a DeFi technological contract protocol platform that supports cross-chain technology. It consists of multiple protocols that can provide different DeFi capabilities, including five core protocol modules: dTrade, dOracle, dComposite, dPrivacy, and dMatrix, covering cross-chain, oracle, decentralized synthetic asset issuance, privacy protection, saving and lending for decentralized collateralizing stable currency, etc. It opens the DeFi standard modules and protocols provided by its platform to all ecological applications, and provides API for different other platforms, aiming at connecting major main chains to the ecosystem.


dTrade protocol module adopts the Layer 2 expansion solution, supports the IBC protocol, supports smart contracts, and realizes cross-chain interoperability based on the cross-chain contract gateway through the cross-chain method of transfer bridges and relay chains. It allows Defiking to support DeFi applications on multiple public chain platforms and provide services to more users.


Smart Contract


Smart Contract


It contains four components: makers (i.e., who creates the order), takers (i.e., who accepts the order), relayers (i.e., the third-party institution that hosts the ledger and matches transactions), and smart contracts. When using the service of the dTrade protocol module, you need to pay a certain fee for the relayers. DFK token is a designated token used for paying this charge fee.


The encrypted world has a different operating logic from the real world. This is the significance of Defiking to provide dOracle protocol modules: meeting more needs through richer services and introducing data from the real world for smart contracts.

Smart Contract

  • Synthetic Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Insurances
  • Trade Financials

Data Stream

  • Nasdaq and the NYSE
  • Real Estate Market
  • Insurance Related Activities
  • GPS-related Data

Web Oracle


Logging Server


dComposite is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol module provided by Defiking. The collateral pool model allows users to directly use smart contracts to perform conversions between DFKii and other cryptocurrencies without the need for counterparties. This mechanism solves the liquidity and slippage problems that DEX encountered.

dComposite is the basic protocol module for the two DeFi applications of Defiking dTrade and DFKii.


The dPrivacy protocol module provided by Defiking can support users’ decentralized collateralized lending while providing necessary privacy protection to users’ mortgage behaviour and mortgage assets.

Account Asset Privacy

The account asset information can only be obtained with the secret key of the account.

Transaction Privacy

Only having the private key or secret key of both parties, the transaction can be disclosed.

The Input/Output Privacy of Smart Contract

Smart contracts, including token management contracts, can selectively process input and output assets or other conditional data for privacy protection.


Defiking added the dMatrix protocol module to the DeFi protocol container to create a simple, convenient, and widely attractive savings/lending product for stable coin.

Principal Protection

dMatrix will liquidate borrowers’ collateral when there is a loan risk, thereby protecting the depositor’s principal.

Instant Withdrawal

The deposit can be withdrawn instantly, without locking up.

Stable Interest Rate

dMatrix stabilizes the deposit interest rate by passing the reward of the variable part of the block from the collateral asset to the depositor.