James Michael Filbird

James was born in Southern California, USA, and graduated from Orange Coast College with a degree in International Business. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development. He is passionate about artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.
He is an experienced serial entrepreneur in the United States and China with 25 years of Internet experience. He served as a financial agent in the service department of American commercial banks; founded the world’s first virtual pet adoption toy company 18 years ago; was a co-founder of Turing Robotics Industries, where blockchain technology was integrated into its operating system; was the former CEO and co-founder of VapeEze, an American e-cigarette company.
He has been the CEO of DefiKing since 2020.

Wang Xuesong

Wang has more than 10 years’ experience of technology research and development. He presided over the research and development of live video streaming media server and video conference system. He used to be the security research and development director of Huidun, leading the development of video anti-leakage systems, desktop data anti-leakage systems, financial data anti-leakage systems, etc. He has rich experience in network communications, file drivers, network drivers, and system hooks. Moreover, he has a number of data security patents and has applied patents in blockchain.


Industrial Partners

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