DFK Token System

DFK Token is the global universal asset of Defiking. With the iteration and expansion of system business, its token has multiple attributes such as governance tokens, settlement tokens, and equity tokens.

DFK is not only an open growth economic model, but also the profit- ability performance of all the Defiking businesses projects. It is a real application-type (functional) token and is uniquely competitive in terms of its deflationary effects.

Total Amount
10 million
DFK Staking
5 million
Investment Institution Locked‑up
0.5 million
Pre-mined on ERC20+TRC20
4.5 million

The total global circulation of DFK is 10 million tokens. Among them, the total amount of pre-mined ERC 20+TRC 20 contracts is 4.5 million; investment institutions lock up 500,000; and Staking pre-mined 5 million.

– DFK Staking –

Annual yield


Daily release




5 million DFK total out of circulation was released by mining. The mining campaign lasted 50 days. 100 thousand tokens were mined every day. The annual yield ratio is up to 2000%.

– DFK Governing –

Executive Voting

DFK token holders can vote to participate in decision-making through collateral tokens, including but not limited to: determining liquidity mining parameters, product iterations, behavioral incentive parameters, token economic model parameters, etc.

Incentive Proof

The commission, handling fee and management fee of all products in the Defiking open financial system will be shared with DFK holders and contributors in the system for a long time.

Proof of Income

Any individual can start financial business based on Defiking, The landing application Defiking Finance will also vigorously expand the boundaries of decentralized financial services such as lending and ABS. Meanwhile, via DFK liquidity mining, the value of the DeFi applications in the siphon ecosystem will maximize the benefits for DFK holders in a non-destructive way.


DFKii is the settlement proof of Defiking dTrade and the only proof of autonomy and dividends for Defiking dTrade. All DFKii will be generated by providing liquidity for Defiking dTrade or participating in transactions. There will be no private equity, pre-mining and team holding for DFKii.

Automatic Market Maker Mechanism

Fast Transaction

Collaboration Platform

DFK Stable Coin

DFKStableCoin is a kind of decentralized lending stable coin that automatically generates a package of cryptocurrency collaterals through smart contracts. As a trusted digital asset conversion channel, DFKii will greatly expand the value liquidity of staking token.

After the staking tokens are put into the contract and locked, users are allowed to exchange them back to DFKii according to the corresponding ratio.

The exchanged DFKii enhances the decentralized margin trading capabilities by promoting short selling and leveraged long trading.

Borrowers can use their encrypted assets as collaterals, while maintaining the right to repurchase mortgage tokens, so as not to give up direct ownership.